6 R.E.A.L Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking | Fierce


This week’s Fierce Resources comes from Inc.com and was written by Lolly Daskal, Founder of Lead From Within. 

The 6 R.E.A.L Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking highlights questions leaders can ask themselves to improve the quality of the relationships that surround them. Conversations may be taking place regularly and the reality is, often we aren’t having real, direct, feedback rich conversations that move our relationships forward.

 Take a moment to reflect on your communication style. Do you listen to what others are saying? How do you show up to lead?

“Listening is imperative to success: If you’re not listening, you can’t truly connect with your employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and creditors. Listening gives you input and information, so think about speaking less and listening more.”

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