"How to tackle the great reshuffle + resignation with conversations around return to office" - The Future of Communication: CEO, Ed Beltran | Fierce

Hello, everyone. This week I’d like to share an insightful article from Paychex on top employee concerns around COVID and returning to the office. What popped out to me in this article was the inverse relationship between baby boomers and Generation Z.

The graph literally looks like an x, where baby boomers’ highest concern is around co-workers being unvaccinated and lows around losing their job. And conversely generation Z’s highest concerns around losing their job and lowest around unvaccinated coworkers. The article recommends a communication plan and providing and promoting mental health benefits.

This is a good start, but these differences are huge, and why ensuring a one-directional communication plan is not enough. Managers should be equipped to have conversations directly with their employees to connect with them on their specific concerns and focus on results versus policy or butts in seats. I also believe that the leadership of the company should have a well-thought-out plan to be able to discuss the “whys” of your office policy. Not having one or having responses like “this is what we always do,” or “because this is what executive management wants” is not sufficient for the world we live in today. It hasn’t made logical sense.

You know your workforce is going through a lot. We need to be able to connect with them and explain these decisions to them and have to make sense. Having these conversations will make your people feel heard. Support your talent strategy and take the concerns head-on of the great reshuffle and resignation. The people-to-people connection matters, which in turn will drive the results you desire.

And lastly, from Susan and all of us at Fierce, we want to send our love and support to the Ukrainian people and all family and friends who are being impacted by this deeply troubling state of events.

Thank you all, and remember the conversation is the relationship.

– Edward J. Beltran, CEO

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