Leadership Tips: Think Outside the Box | Fierce

It’s easy to fall into a pattern. It’s only natural to apply your knowledge of a process, that you know works, to similar projects. You might think to yourself: I know an effective way to do this, why fix something that isn’t broken?

This week’s tip is to question your processes, patterns, and ideas. Challenge yourself and those around you to think outside the box.

This can be an effective exercise whether you’re in a defined, “official” leader role or not.

Sometimes when our first instinct is to just streamline an idea, it can dampen the instinct to innovate. Thinking outside the box doesn’t mean making things more complicated. It can be as simple as getting more creative with how you spend your time in weekly meetings, how your organization handles customer service interaction, and even a new way your audience can interact with the brand of your company.

If you have an out of the box idea that you’ve been sitting with for a while, take the time this week to bring it forward.  If the opportunity to innovate this week  comes your way, call on your experience of how things have worked in the past and challenge yourself to get more creative. Suggest an idea you might not normally suggest.

What you come up with may surprise you!


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