the distance.

Struggling to have conversations that need to happen?

This workshop is for you.

Fierce Conversations for Remote Teams


This Fierce Now digital workshop equips your people with the skills they need to have powerful and effective conversations in a remote-work setting. It’s an interactive and dynamic, two-part series hosted by a Fierce Master Facilitator.

They’ll learn how to:

  • Have essential conversations that matter now
  • Facilitate remote meetings that drive results
  • Ask better questions to glean insights
  • Play a coaching role to increase accountability


Fierce Now Digital Solutions

Designed and optimized for the remote-work world. The fastest and most efficient way to leverage the Fierce Conversations tools to keep your people connected, productive, and engaged online.

Live Remote Workshop

Fully interactive and engaging curriculum for up to 25 participants, hosted by a Fierce Master Facilitator.

Trainer Certification

Online interactive sessions make it possible to become certified to train Fierce within your organization.


One-hour live webinars customized for your organization’s training needs.



Custom content presented live online by a member of the Fierce Leadership Team or a Fierce Master Facilitator, with Q&A, and practical application to your organization.

Refresher Sessions

One-hour skills training for existing Fierce clients and trainers covering Foundations, Team, Coach, Delegate, Confront, Feedback, and Accountability.

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“Our vision has always been to better the world one conversation at a time. Fierce Now helps people to do that, no matter where they are in the world.”

- Stacey Engle, President, Fierce Inc.