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Best-Selling Author Susan Scott, with nearly 1 million books sold, makes it clear what gets talked about in a relationship and how it gets talked about determines whether a relationship will thrive, flat-line or fail. Through courageous, passionate storytelling her new book provides an entertaining, relevant and optimistic approach to relationship building that will connect couples at a deeper level. In Fierce Love, Susan Scott guides couples through eight must-have conversations that lead to deep connection and lasting commitment. After a season where many relationships were tested and tried, where some relationships thrived and others have exposed cracks couples didn’t even realize were there, or realized but didn’t acknowledge, now is the best time to learn to communicate well. By having honest, compelling conversations with our partners, we can foster true connection and a fierce love that will withstand the test of time and grow stronger over the years.  



Part I – The Idea of Fierce Love

  • Chapter 1: The Conversation is the Relationship
  • Chapter 2: Gradually then Suddenly
  • Chapter 3: All Conversations Are with Myself
  • Chapter 4: Crossing the Bold Line
  • Chapter 5: What isn’t Fierce Love

Part II – 5 Myths that Mislead & Derail Us

  • Chapter 6: You Complete Me
  • Chapter 7: True Love is Unconditional
  • Chapter 8: Make a List
  • Chapter 9: If You Loved Me, You’d Know
  • Chapter 10: Love is All You Need

Part III – The Conversations

  • Chapter 11: Do I Want This Relationship?
  • Chapter 12: How Are We Really?
  • Chapter 13: Clarifying Conditions: Yours, Mine, Ours
  • Chapter 14: Getting Past “How Are You? I’m Fine”
  • Chapter 15: Let Me Count the Ways
  • Chapter 16: It’s Not You, It’s Me
  • Chapter 17: It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • Chapter 18: I Love You, But I Don’t Love Our Life Together
  • Chapter 19: Dating & Alternatives: The Road Less Taken

Conclusion – Putting Fierce Love to Work

The Idea of Fierce Love, which defines fierce love and clarifies the essential role that conversations play in our relationships.

5 Myths That Mislead and Derail Us, which consigns to the trash bin myths we automatically accepted as true, that led us into a box canyon.

The Conversations, that are must haves with the most important persons in our lives. These include:

  • Do I want this relationship?
  • How are we, really?
  • Clarifying conditions: yours, mine, ours
  • Getting past “How are you? I’m Fine”
  • Let me count the ways
  • It’s not you, it’s me

Love you, but I don’t love our life together



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New York Times bestselling author Susan Scott guides couples through eight must-have conversations to create a fierce love that stands the test of time and grows stronger over the years.