How to Address and Prevent Toxic Employees | Webinar - Fierce, Inc.

A Fierce Webinar


Tuesday, October 19 at 11 am PT | 1 SHRM PDC*

Are there people at your workplace who make going into the office each day a serious struggle? Or you know attending a meeting with them will go sour because they always have a negative attitude?

Toxic people can cause a whole mess of problems like ruined relationships and trust, project derailment, and talent retention.

You can only imagine what an organization’s bottom line looks like when these problems run amuck because no one has done anything to address the toxic employees.

The good news is there are actionable steps any leader can take today to confront and, most importantly, prevent toxic employees in the workplace.

In 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • What makes a toxic employee
  • How to address the problem
  • How to prevent the behavior in the first place


*Must attend the full 60-minute webinar to receive SHRM credit

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