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More than 20 years of enhancing sales performance for clients in a variety of industries

Call on the Fierce team to deliver fully custom sales training initiatives to guide managers to lead successfully and sales team members to sell more effectively.

Leadership Challenges Across A Variety of Industries

Fierce knows every organization faces leadership challenges, regardless of their industry. As a result, the Fierce team developed sales training initiatives designed with sound sales principles and effective tools to increase sales in a variety of industries. With customized programs, your team members will develop language techniques, learn to face challenge areas in the sales environment, and improve their sales performance for organizational success.

Regardless of the industry, Fierce delivers fully tailored sales training programs to ensure your organization’s leaders are prepared to guide your teams to sales success. We have helped numerous organizations with sales training initiatives and leadership development training. Topics include engagement, accountability, and productivity as well as the ability to navigate change, embrace DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), rid the workplace of microaggressions, and foster trust while promoting productivity, enhancing accountability, and developing negotiation skills.

Fierce Inc. has partnered with these industry-leading companies and more:


Fierce Inc. specializes in leadership development training and team communications for:

Healthcare Biotech And Pharmaceutical Leadership Development Training

The healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries face numerous challenges in trying to communicate importance and value to healthcare providers, government officials, end-users, and patients. Fierce provides healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical leadership development training with the delivery of all the skills and tools needed. Participants in leadership development and sales training initiatives learn to identify the requirements of decision-makers and end-users to communicate worth successfully. Leaders in these industries learn to leverage opportunities and break through all the industry noise to have crucial conversations, engage effectively, and deliver success for your organization.

Education Leadership Development Training

Education Leadership Development Training guides education leaders to be more effective. Fierce leadership programs deliver the how-to from actual skills and practices to specifics, along with repeatable actions designed to help education leaders reach their full potential and excel. Educational leaders learn to communicate with real-life models and practices, the ways to build relationships to produce positive results. At Fierce, the team provides hands-on practice, experiential learning, and ongoing support for educational organizations as a whole to develop the leadership to make positive, sustainable impacts.

Financial Services And Insurance Leadership Development Training

Both the financial services industry and the insurance industry are challenging and competitive industries. Fierce Financial Services And Insurance Leadership Development Training helps organizational leaders discover prospects, attract and retain new customers, and enhance trust with existing clients. Leaders in financial services as well as those in the insurance industry must develop crucial communication skills in order to educate and empower their clients. With Financial Services And Insurance Leadership Development Training from Fierce, your organization’s leaders will master their skills in understanding clients and adapting to each individual’s needs as they serve them in the most effective ways possible.

Business Services Leadership Development Training

Business services covers a multitude of industries, providing intangible services around the globe. From management to consulting services, software to training services, marketing to distribution, your organization’s exceptional services can be enhanced by Fierce Business Services Leadership Development Training. At Fierce, the team guides your leaders to build a solid reputation and long lasting relationships with your clients. Collaboration and communication are the focus of Business Services Leadership Development Training and work to teach your leadership how to build trustworthy relationships with clients. The ultimate goal of Business Services Leadership Development Training at Fierce is ensuring your organization’s leaders are prepared to achieve your business objectives successfully while continually growing your clientele and their personal business acumen.

Computers And Technology Leadership Development Training

Computers and technology are driving change and incredible advances in business around the world. Fierce Computer And Technology Leadership Development Training is designed to help your organization’s leadership grow in agility, leveraging the customer-led industry, and establish successful customer relationships. Leaders who work in computers and technology, must be change capable, always ready to face the challenges of a continually evolving industry. Plus, as customers become savvier, leaders must keep up, learning to set your organization apart from the competition, and develop strategies and business relationships with clients at every level of the industry.

Retail Leadership Development Training

Possibly one of the most challenging industries today, retail remains one of the most competitive. At Fierce, Retail Leadership Development Training is ready to meet the challenges and develop your team to gain the competitive advantage in your industry. Today’s brands must seize the opportunity to deliver strong sales through customer service and quality products and services. Fierce Retail Leadership Development Training promises to teach your team members the skills and techniques needed to grow your brand, providing value to your customers at every step of their journey.

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