Fierce Coach | Develop others to generate and embrace their own solutions.

What you’ll learn:

  • The critical role coaching plays in our success as individuals and in the organization.
  • Three elements of Fierce Coaching that make it distinctly different.
  • A question-based model designed to help ourselves and others get to and solve the real issues.


Course overview:

  • Completion time: 45 minutes
  • Course availability: 12 months

Have you ever found yourself advising others, convinced you knew the best way forward, only to see those efforts fall flat? A typical scenario reveals a more profound truth: real growth and solutions come from within.

Fierce Coach reimagines the concept of coaching, transforming it from a directive approach to one that cultivates autonomy, resilience, and self-driven success. Instead of being told what to do, imagine discovering your path through guided self-reflection and strategic questioning.

Studies underscore the critical link between autonomy and well-being in the workplace. Control over one’s work is lovely; it’s essential for mental health and stress reduction. Fierce Coaching introduces a conversation model that revolutionizes leadership by empowering individuals to uncover and solve their challenges. This approach doesn’t just address surface-level issues; it dives deep, unlocking potential and paving the way for genuine breakthroughs.

This model is not just for those in formal leadership roles. It’s for anyone who seeks to inspire and develop others, whether colleagues, friends, or family. By learning to ask the right questions and encourage self-solution finding, you become a catalyst for change, not by dictating actions, but by fostering an environment where others feel empowered to take charge of their journeys.

Imagine the impact of a coaching approach that builds confidence, clarity, and the courage to embrace change. With Fierce Coach, you're not just solving problems; you're unlocking the potential within others and, crucially, within yourself.

Are you ready to transform how you guide and influence those around you? Fierce Coach offers the tools to change outcomes and the approach to problem-solving and personal development.


Have better 1:1’s.
Get to the heart of the matter — and act on it — fast. Discover a powerful coaching model that uncovers solutions, prompts potent action, and unblocks professional paths for your team.

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