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Fierce Accountability®

Count on a deeper level of commitment.

An approach that moves teams from excuses to action: embracing responsibility, overcoming obstacles and achieving outsize goals.

Is your team striving for new heights, or scrambling to avoid blame? That misdirected energy is sabotaging your success. Are you struggling with:

  • Unreliability
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of ownership

You can’t afford to play it safe anymore.

The Plan

In the Fierce Accountability program, master facilitators reveal:

  • The 3 most common mistakes when trying to foster accountability
  • How to dive deep into your own filters — the most common source of blocks to accountability
  • A new context: accountability as the act of holding yourself and others able to succeed
  • How to recognize and uncover the dangers of diluted strategies
  • Effective responses to people who operate in a context of blame, protection, or defense
  • Why ‘victim mode’ is so attractive — and how to coach yourself and others out of it

You’ll use the Accountability program whenever you need to:

  • Foster accountability within teams and throughout the organization
  • Uncover the dangers of playing it safe
  • Equip employees to overcome obstacles and embrace responsibility
  • Achieve goals and KPI’s by getting more done, and on time

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