Fierce Negotiations®

A fuller understanding yields the best deals — for everyone.

A hands-on approach that will improve collaboration, create better deals, and spark new solutions.

Do you still see negotiation as a tug-of-war? When you lose sight of the long-term partnership, you’re risking your business. Does your company struggle with:

  • Dishonesty
  • Resistance
  • Unpredictability

A short-sighted focus on the deal is derailing your success.

The Plan

In the Fierce Negotiations program, master facilitators use real-life examples to reveal:

  • The most common negotiation styles and how to identify your own
  • How to move from a focus on transactions to discover new possibilities and create larger outcomes
  • How to recognize and respond effectively to common tactics
  • Techniques to transform an emotionally charged situation into a catalyst for new solutions
  • A quiver of new tools for navigating negotiations — from teeing up a conversation, to diving deep to understand the other person’s truth
  • The everyday role of negotiations in all relationships
  • How to close negotiations effectively

You’ll turn to the Fierce Negotiations program whenever you need to:

  • Build strong, long-lasting client business relationships
  • Examine shared potential beyond the current negotiation
  • Confidently close negotiations while being mindful of the ongoing relationship

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