Temple Health | Elevating Employee Engagement & Satisfaction



In the high-stress world of healthcare, it’s important for all employees to feel like they have a voice. As an organization Temple was concerned that employees did not feel empowered to speak up and constructively share their thoughts and ideas and their employee engagement scores supported this notion 

Temple Health has a long history built on tradition and steeped in a hierarchy, sometimes stifling the most important voices; it was clear they needed a new approach that would open previously siloed communication channels and offer training not just to top-level leadership, but to all employees. This effort, to improve interpersonal skills in order to communicate more effectively across the organization would drive effectiveness and begin to change the culture at Temple Health.

However, implementing change at this scale would not be easy, especially in a field like healthcare that is “always on”. Temple Health needed a customized approach that would allow them to roll out internal training over the course of a year that wouldn’t impact staffing or patient care but ultimately would provide the skills needed across the organization to drive the changes necessary to broaden communication. 

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