WebVR: Real-World Microlearning for Ultimate Scalability & Knowledge Retention


WebVR: Real-World Microlearning for Ultimate Scalability & Knowledge Retention

Our world is moving faster and faster these days. Business leaders have begun to recognize just how precious people’s time actually is, and providing employees the most potent benefit in the shortest amount of time is not only desired but practical. 

Because of this, more and more businesses are demanding scalable learning that can be implemented at lightning speed, is easily digestible, and most importantly, sticks. 3D simulations delivered through WebVR is a powerful and interactive way to learn. Though often bundled into “soft-skills,” microlearning is anything but — It’s pithy and practical, and allows leaders to target training to address specific and timely situations, such as DE&I, unconscious bias, microaggressions in the workplace, confronting behavior, and more. 

Recent research shows that microlearning improves training engagement by 50 percent, while also enhancing knowledge retention by more than 20 percent. In addition, studies have shown that this quick and easy real-world learning modality means employees are spending up to 40 percent less time in training.

Above and beyond the reality of higher knowledge retention and better learning is the huge benefit of convenience that WebVR bite-size learning provides. Using technology like WebVR for microlearning allows organizational leaders to provide employees with scalable training that addresses what’s most needed, in the moment, and in a 3D real-world experience. Plus, it doesn’t take more than a few moments for learners to absorb.

In this engaging session at HR.com’s Global HR Tech Virtual Symposium, Fierce Master Facilitator Luis Gonzáles will share why 3D simulations through WebVR technology is the best tool for busy leaders wanting to tackle timely and challenging topics, how to get the most of this powerful tool, tips for getting the most out of your microlearning, and explore real experiences of this innovative technology in action.

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