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Intention is defined as a determination to act in a certain way. Intention in the workplace is centered around creating change and building a framework for how people show up every day.

Many times organizations reference their values or more abstract concepts for how people should act. The problem is people often have different interpretations.

Take “respect” as a value example. To one person, respect can mean telling someone the absolute hard facts that come to mind for a particular strategy. AKA tell them how it is – be a straight shooter – it is to their benefit. On the other hand, to another person, respect means allowing someone the space and ability to figure it out for themselves. AKA don’t be overbearing – be a supporter – it is to their benefit.

Both perspectives are “right”. So what behaviors do you want to see?

It is critical for organizations to tie behaviors and structures to their values, so that people have a common framework and clarity around expectations.

Below are three tips to create a more intentional workplace.

1. Meetings Matter. Create meetings with purpose and goals that align with your values as opposed to only holding meetings for needs and projects. For example, a Fierce value is to innovate often. In order to create time and space to make this happen, the Fierce marketing team has a two hour innovation meeting each month that allows for individuals to slot any innovative topic to discuss with the entire team. Structure meetings that allow time for conversations that align with your values.

2. Build Feedback. Give and receive feedback on a regular basis at all levels. Feedback is a practice that generates clarity in the workplace. In Fierce feedback, we define feedback as the opportunity to see what you may not see. Understanding people’s perspective and what they see is critical for making sure the goals of the organization are being achieved. Give your team the skills to have feedback conversations. 

 3. Recognize Behaviors. Share appreciation when people are upholding behaviors that are valued in your organization. Whether it is how people use devices in meetings or how a project is ran, the everyday activities in your workplace ultimately determine the kind of relationships, and hence the culture, that exists. Find time to show gratitude for people who are truly making a difference with how they show up.

How do you help create intention and aim with your team? In your organization?

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