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This week’s Fierce Resource comes from Inc.com and was written by Jessica Stillman.

7 Great Pieces of Career Advice No One Ever Told You explores the hidden gems of career advice that you won’t find in any career book or Google search. When you sit back and reflect on your career and the objectives you have for yourself, do you often wonder, what’s next? How will I get to the next level? The answer isn’t in the stars, it is in the actions you will take to move yourself forward.

What career advice do you wish you knew? Do you set out to achieve big, hairy, audacious goals outside of your job description?

“Being excellent at your job is a surefire way to get ahead, right? Nope, say several responders, including Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG. “Most people assume just doing their current assigned job well is enough–so many associates at law firms think doing all the paperwork and litigation properly is the road to partnership, and many PR account executives think that getting a few articles written about their clients will earn them a promotion,” he writes, but “becoming a principal, partner, or senior executive with P&L-level responsibility requires a completely separate set of skills from entry and mid-level jobs.”

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