Leadership Tips: Speak to the Unspoken | Fierce

Part of having conversations that go deep is the ability to identify when, in a conversation, there is something that is being unsaid. This is about obeying your instincts.

Some of the time, you may have a physical reaction. Whether it is the hair on the back of your neck or goose bumps on your arm, it is a hint that something is off.

Being aware of what is happening to you both physically and mentally in a conversation is where real richness can lie if you pay attention. That awareness is the first step.

The second step is this week’s Fierce tip. This week, speak to what is being left unspoken in a conversation, even if it is minor, and resist the temptation to skip over it.

Instead, dig deeper with those you are speaking with, get curious, and ask questions. The goal is to surface what is lingering out in the atmosphere, waiting to be called to light.

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