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“The Middle Managers are not alright” – Bloomberg article

Of all office workers, middle managers are reporting the highest levels of stress at 43% versus senior managers at 37% and Executives at 32%

Specific reasons given include

  • Pressure to deliver in economic uncertainty
  • Concerns about declining productivity in the workforce
  • Discussions around employee compensation not keeping up with inflation
  • All the challenges with return to office versus hybrid versus remote

The article states that investing in 1 on 1 coaching and community building is critical in helping these managers.

Here at Fierce we completely agree and with our innovative solution Pulse, we have helped people become self-aware around their specific stressors through biometric data and then quickly providing them with the solutions and tools to tackle these stressors through interpersonal communication.

We have seen 9-10% drops in stress within 2 weeks of 1 coaching session.  When you stand back this makes sense. With the person’s own biological response to their environment which we triangulate with calendar and GPS data, the user can immediately focus on the root cause of their highest stress events and with tools, we have been teaching for 20 years tackle them immediately.


About Pulse by Fierce

Pulse, our newest Fierce tool, is an app that will stop burnout and stress within your organization quickly by using bio-metric data and a sophisticated AI.

An Organization that uses Pulse can: 

  • Track the trends of the stress for the whole organization, and build a resilient culture
  • Empower employees to look at their everyday stress to avoid burnout
  • Give the skills to manage difficult conversations and office politics, balance workload, leverage diversity, and lead change in order to reduce stress

Learn more about how Pulse works here.

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