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The question of whether leaders are born or developed is a hot button issue. Nature versus nurture?

This pesky question manifests in two scenarios.

Scenario A: If your organization thinks leaders are born, then they believe there are ready-made leaders waiting to rise through the appropriate ranks and land themselves in leadership positions.

Scenario B: If your organization thinks leaders are developed, then they believe they need to offer leadership development and training programs so those who wish to become leaders can obtain the skills necessary to grow into leadership roles.

Culturally these are two very different companies. Which culture do you have?

At Fierce, we are not neutral. We believe that leaders are developed. We focus on the conversations that every leader needs to master. We teach that conversation skill set, and every day we hear stories about how people have “upped” their leadership game.

What do you believe? Are leaders born or made?

Last updated September 14, 2016

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