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Welcome to Fierce Conversations for Social Distancing

The disconnect — or distance — we experience in our personal and professional relationships often has nothing to do with physical proximity. Social distancing and remote working have simply exacerbated a preexisting condition.

In this 2-part mini-course you’ll learn how to have Fierce Conversations that enrich and strengthen your relationships with family, friends and, most importantly, yourself.

Susan Scott, Founder & CEO

Meet Susan Scott, Founder & CEO. Susan believes the first and most important conversation to have is with yourself. Susan is staying in her island treehouse, with only her 3 dogs for company. Listen in as she talks about the challenge of interrogating reality and why a personal stump speech should “sing to your soul,” especially in times like these.

Use this guide to write the words that will sing to YOUR soul and carry you through the pandemic and beyond. Also includes Susan’s stump speech.

Luis Gonzales, Master Facilitator

Meet Luis, Master Facilitator. Luis has been immersed in teaching leaders how to have Fierce Conversations for more than 4 years. Listen in as he shares three personal experiences of how he’s been using Fierce principles and ideas as he navigates the many challenges of social distancing while grappling with difficult family situations.

A guide to help you initiate conversations with your family.

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