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train you leaders to become the best they can be in a train-the-trainer program at fierce inc.

In today’s fast-paced business culture, an engaged workforce is the key differentiator of what enables a company to thrive. More and more employees are looking to join companies for reasons beyond a paycheck. Employees want to join an organization where they have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as well as receive leadership training and development, contributing their knowledge and expertise. 

According to a LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees say that they would stay at their company longer if, it simply invested in learning and development. Organizations that value an ongoing investment in employees, have the competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment and retention.  

High performing organizations champion, robust internal training and development teams to ensure employees are learning, acquiring knowledge and skills, needed to successfully deliver results throughout their career.

At Fierce, Inc., we consult with companies to understand the employee workforce and uncover organizational trends. One trend, is the gap in leadership training and resources for newly promoted leaders. Oftentimes, companies promote employees into leadership roles without properly equipping them with the skills needed to succeed. We all know what happens next – poorly developed teams, low morale and high turnover.   

So, what can we do? We can ensure our learning departments have skilled trainers that keep the learning going. One of the best ways to do that is to send learning professionals through train-the-trainer programs. These programs are designed to enable participants to become subject matter experts in specific topics and deliver training content to internal employees. 

Top 3 benefits of investing in a Train-the-Trainer Program

1. Customized Learning ConnectionsYour internal facilitators have a direct line to important cultural aspects that allow them to connect the training content of the current company environment. This includes: understanding the ‘company lingo’, aligning the training with organizational mission and values, and applying training to real world examples that employees are experiencing. Additionally, the internal trainers often have gained a level of trust that external trainers have not. This can speed up the willingness to try new tools and accelerate the learning curve. 

2. Flexible and Cost-Effective ApproachWhen your leaders become your internal trainer(s) they can deliver content according to the needs of the company. Logistics, such as scheduling, location, and cohort dynamics, that limit the planning workshops, where external facilitators may not be available. The costs of external facilitators,  travel fees can quickly add up for multiple events scheduled throughout the year. Certified internal trainers enable your organization to deliver more training for a fraction of the cost.   

3. Sustainability and Measurement – An impactful benefit of internal training team is the continuous tracking of  progress and learning of employees. Facilitators can offer refreshers, practice sessions, and community groups that focus on specific learning content throughout the year. Valuable insights, from focus groups and surveys intakes can help understand how the “learners” are utilizing (or not utilizing), this new knowledge, skills, and tools. Feedback loops, like this will enable strategic planning for program improvements for future workshops.

At Fierce, Inc. we offer a world-class Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program that provides certifications for learning and development professionals, delivering our award-winning leadership training. Our Master Facilitators, take a cohort of TTT participants through our core training content.

Over the course of 3 four-hour workshops, once a week, participants learn:  

  • advanced facilitation techniques,  
  • the theory and design of our workshops and its impact on learning, and  
  • how to bring the content to life with their own personal examples.  

In the fourth week, learners ‘teach-back’ portions of the content to demonstrate their growth in facilitating the Fierce content. During this week, learners receive meaningful coaching from their peers and the Master Facilitator on their delivery of the content. Successful TTT participants will receive a complete evaluation and certification as a Fierce Conversations Facilitator.  

Here’s what our TTT participants are saying about the Fierce Train-the Trainer program:

“As a CEO who has implemented Fierce concepts with our foundation’s team, the Train the Trainer course was a valuable opportunity to develop my facilitation skills, internalize the course material, and learn innovative ideas from master facilitators. I highly recommend Fierce, Inc.’s courses for leaders to grow in their ability to communicate more effectively and build stronger teams and companies.” (Anonymous) 

We know that we have to prepare our employees to handle the multitude of complex problems that are and will impact the citizens of British Columbia.  None of these problems are going to be addressed by any singe organization. The essential skill is going to be the ability to foster and strengthen trust-based relationships. Fierce Conversations provides a framework to have these conversations. – Mark T. Johnson – Learning Consultant with the British Columbia Public Service.      

If you are even remotely considering attending a TTT session, please do!! I am encouraged to take 10 days of training per year as part of Finit’s overall training program. This Fierce Conversations TTT program was one of the best training investments I’ve requested for myself. The content was extremely beneficial for our organization and the content/tools provided were extremely helpful. I was even able to learn from my fellow participants as well! Don’t delay – sign up for you and for your organization! – Nicole Emerson, Director of People & Culture at Finit 

The Fierce TTT experience was so collaborative, insightful and authentic. Each day I left the conversations feeling empowered by the connection and the safe space that was created. I feel honored to have the ability to take these teachings and influence others at such a deep level.Tim Erickson, Personnel Development Manager at KHS&S Contractors 

Knowing the Fierce material is extremely valuable, not just in my organization, but in my personal life as well.  We’ve really gained not only insight, but actual strategies on approaching different situations that will definitely be brought to my daily life.Danielle Cordes, Talent Development & Culture Consultant at Christus Health 

 “We brought Fierce to our organization after becoming a remote-first organization. The Fierce Conversations [trainings] have allowed our managers to further develop their relationships with each other and their teams.”Paige Lutz, Senior Training & Content Coordinator at Chow Now 


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