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As mentioned in a previous blog, for the next 5 weeks leading up to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Expo, we will be writing about something that has us excited for the event. This week I’m thrilled to be focusing on our Coaching Model, which will be the topic of one of our mini-training sessions at the conference.

More specifically I would love to focus on the superstar of our Coaching Model–  The Mineral Rights tool.

In our Coaching Model we use the Mineral Rights tool to help problem solve an issue. The coach will dig deep by asking questions that stimulate the coachee but are still simple and don’t lead the conversation in any one direction. The person being coached would respond and have the time to really get to the core of the issue creating self-generated insight.

If you break it down, at its core, what this tool allows you to do is to get curious. Curiosity can mean a lot of things and in the context of Mineral Rights we like to think of it as the catalyst for taking a deeper dive into a conversation and drill past all the usual sludge that can get in the way.

Since the nature of the Mineral Rights tool is to be curious and ask questions, it really is a “jack of all trades” tool that can be applicable to many different situations. It can be a support in creating a culture where people choose personal accountability as a way of life or become the framework to help pitch an idea.

Another great way of using Mineral Rights is in the negotiation process. Using this tool can enrich your relationship with a client both externally and internally to your organization. It can allow you to get clear on what your client really needs-think of it as scuba diving instead of water skiing.

How often, right now are you getting truly curious with your clients? Have you really thought about why your client needs your service? How not having your service is impacting their company? What would an Ideal Outcome for you in this negotiation look like?

If you were curious enough could you potentially have all the questions your client might ask answered so that the only answer they have for you is-“yes”, you really do have the solutions I need.

By keeping that curiosity and momentum going and bringing it into the actual negotiation process you are creating the opportunity for your client to have the space to talk, perhaps vent, and really supply you with a wealth of knowledge that you may not have otherwise received.

If you’re going to be at ASTD we would love to have you take a deeper dive with us and learn more about our Mineral Rights tool and its other applications during our Coaching mini-training session.

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