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Create High Performing
and Connected Teams

Build leaders that can
create psychological safety,
engagement, and leverage
diversity to build alignment
around shared priorities.

What is stress doing to your teams?

Partner with Fierce to develop your high performing team strategy. 300 Billion Dollars is lost each year due to stress. Does your team have the resilience it needs?

Can your leaders create the safety needed to meet the challenge?

Our Approach to Creating High
Performing & Connected Teams

Fierce is a trusted partner for over 20 years, offering applicable ways to build leadership skills that create high performing teams.

Companies need leaders who can build inclusive workplaces across remote and hybrid teams. Our approach is backed in research, proven methodologies and includes self-awareness and action to drive strong execution and hit results.

Fierce will transform your leaders from the inside out.

Building self-awareness and providing a skill set that transforms the way they build relationships.

Your Leaders are Capable

Fierce offers learning solutions across multiple modalities and topics, with a focus on application and real-world use, focusing on the  conversations to build connected high performing teams.


A revolutionary approach to conversations that matter.

Build self-awareness. Undo old assumptions, spark new insights, and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.


Have better 1:1s.

Get to the heart of the matter–and act on it–fast. Discover a powerful coaching model that uncovers solutions, prompts potent action, and unblocks professional paths for your team.


Make better and more inclusive decisions. Solve tough problems–together.

A proven approach that will shatter silos, increase collaboration, and boost buy-in across your organization.


Be more productive and develop leadership skills in your team.

An approach that clarifies roles, ends micromanagement, and puts people on a clear path of professional development.


Feedback 365 days a year.

Transform your feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that spark lasting change.


Complete projects well and on time.
Count on a deeper level of commitment.

Move teams from excuses to action by embracing responsibility, overcoming obstacles, and achieving everyday goals.

Your Leaders’ Journey Starts Right Here

Frustrated by training companies that promise results but only offer a one size fits all method with no availability to scale limiting the speed at which you can upskill your workforce? Fierce Journey is a bespoke learning experience built around you and the particular needs of your organization. No matter your size or time constraints, Fierce designs a custom learning program that is scalable, flexible and focuses on application and behavior change.

We begin by understanding your goals and challenges to create a journey as unique as you are.
Your learning experience will capitalize on 20 years of leadership development design knowledge and include all the content, modules, and modalities in the vast Fierce library. Are you ready to discover your leader’s journey?

* This is just an example of the journey. A customized program will be developed based on the needs of your organization.

Everything You Need to Be a Fierce Leader



Get access to Fierce content on mastering DE&I, managing change, increasing productivity, and more through live and on-demand learning that grows with your team.

Connect with one of our Fierce Specialists to learn more about how our High
Performance Teams learning journey can help your team.

Fierce Inc. is certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the Astra Women’s Business Alliance.

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