4 Steps to Create Psychological Safety in Your Teams | Fierce



I want to share with you an article on Fast Company titled:

Follow these 4 steps to create psychological safety in your teams – It’s not necessarily about being comfortable all the time.

The authors talk about the concept of Radical Candor and Psychological Safety and how they seem at odds with one another. They clarify with:

  • Radical Candor is not about being brutally honest but instead about caring personally and challenging directly.
  • Psychological safety isn’t about a culture where feelings won’t get hurt and everyone agrees with everything.

The authors provide 4 tips to foster psychological safety in teams which include:

  1. Solicit Feedback
  2. Give Praise
  3. Give Feedback
  4. Gauge your feedback

At Fierce, Radical Transparency and Psychological Safety have been at the core of the approaches we have been instructing for over 20 years with an objective of creating a culture of effective feedback. This is the reason we use “Conversations” as in “WITH”… it is a two-way discussion of understanding and connecting with a focus on enriching the relationship while tackling your toughest challenge, interrogating reality, and provoking learning.

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