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Susan Scott 2018

Susan Scott

CEO & Founder

Known for her bold yet practical approach to executive coaching and leadership development, Susan Scott has been challenging people to say the things that are hard to say for over two decades. Susan founded Fierce in 2001 after 13 years leading CEO think tanks, more than 10,000 hours of conversations with senior executives, and one epiphany: While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a business, a marriage, or a life—any single conversation can. Susan continues to share her expertise with clients through her keynote presentations, and award-winning books.

Stacey Engle 2018

Stacey Engle


Stacey is obsessed with helping Fierce clients stay ahead of the curve. A strong innovator, she’s always connected—to clients, emerging trends and new opportunities. Stacey’s forward-thinking approach to sales and marketing reflects Fierce’s commitment to enriching lives and creating community, one conversation at a time. She relishes her role in bringing people together to have the conversations they most need to have.

Ed Beltran

Edward Beltran

EVP of Finance & Operations

From analyzing data to dissecting new opportunities, Ed is forging a strong financial future for Fierce. He has an especially sharp eye for driving results from business intelligence solutions and strategic planning. Beyond his business acumen, Ed is a strong leader who pours heart and soul into building an expert in-house finance and analytics operation. He is continually learning, leveraging his post-master’s coursework to improve financial results and develop his team.

Aimee Rudolph

Aimee Rudolph

SVP of Sales

Aimee is a solutions-oriented sales strategist with an extensive background in driving results through new market penetration, value and consultative selling. Tasked with creating a dynamic and fast growing go-to market strategy, Aimee uses her expertise in LEAN and Six Sigma to lead a high-performing sales team all while enriching the relationships with Fierce clients. A data enthusiast, Aimee enjoys grounding her decisions in numbers in order to help build the sales infrastructure to best set the team up for success and close deals.

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