Comcast | Improving Innovation & Customer Satisfaction



 When Peter Neill joined Comcast Business in October 2017 as vice president of the West Division, the company was undergoing an organizational transformation. Customers and employees were looking for more from Comcast Business. To improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn in an increasingly competitive market, Comcast needed to better understand the experiences of its customers.

“In our transformation from being a cable provider to a technology company, the fastest path to accomplishing that is truly understanding what’s going on in the business,” Neill says. “I wanted to create an environment in which leaders, including myself, were seeking out diverse opinions.”  

Comcast already had a robust platform in place to elicit more specific feedback from both customers and employees about its products, programs and policies. It was particularly focused on making sure input from frontline employees who had daily interactions with customers reached the upper levels of the organization. To build on this platform, Neill wanted to give his team the skills to have more candid, inclusive conversations and create a culture in which employees at all levels of the organization felt comfortable to speak freely.

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