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The leadership and training organization has been awarded both the Puget Sound Business Journal Best Workplaces and Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Places To Work

SEATTLE (August 14, 2015) – Fierce, Inc, a leadership and training organization, has recently been recognized as one of the best places to work in Washington by both Seattle Business Magazine, and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Last night, the Fierce team accepted the award from the Puget Sound Business Journal at the official awards ceremony at Safeco Field. This is the third year in a row Fierce has made a Best Place to Work list, one of 20 organizations with 10-49 employees awarded the honor from companies across the State. Seattle Business Magazine recognized Fierce earlier this year as a top place to work in the mid-sized company category, which is the fourth time the organizations has taken home this particular honor.

Both awards are based on employee surveys completed on various topics such as job satisfaction, culture, benefits, and confidence in leadership. Those chosen each year are amongst the highest rated, happiest employees in the state.

“We feel strongly at Fierce that leadership is a way of life. Work is personal and should be enjoyable— and this goes beyond our daily tasks,” said Susan Scott, founder and CEO of Fierce. “Transparency, open communication, and a passion for what we do are all incredibly important elements for a healthy culture. We work hard to ensure our employees love coming through the door every day. It is an honor to see our commitment recognized in this manner.”

Hoping you make next year’s list? Here are some tips from Fierce on creating a happier, healthier work place:

  • Make time for conversation. Take the time to encourage your team or company to really connect with one another. It could be in a fun, social environment or during 1:1s between an employee and their direct report. Carving out time for conversations, and really committing, will go far in fostering solid relationships, which in turn, make happier employees.
  • Commit to work/life balance. Realize this balance means different things to different people. One employee may want to run errands during the day, and work online a few hours in the evening. Someone else may prefer to get in early, but leave every day with no intention of checking mail until the morning. Be flexible on the needs of your employees and your business. Do your best to understand what, for them, will provide balance, and do what you can to make it happen.
  • Don’t avoid a challenge. People like to be challenged. Give your team room to grow, permission expand their abilities, and they will become better employees as a result. Provide an environment in which your people can not only bring up new, potentially brilliant ideas, but allow them to follow through with them. This breeds happy employees, and in many cases, helps the bottom line.


Fierce is an award-winning global leadership development and training company that changes the way people communicate with each other. The organization partners with clients, which range from large Fortune 500 companies to non-profits, to transform organizational cultures by building conversational skills that spark curiosity, ignite innovation, invite cross-boundary collaboration, and drive results. Fierce creates authentic, energizing, and rewarding connections with colleagues and customers that lead to successful outcomes and measurable ROI. Tailored to any organization, Fierce principles and methods translate across the globe, ensure individual and collective success, and develop skills that are practical, easy-to-learn and can be applied immediately.


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