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Fierce In The
Schools (FITS)

Transform the classroom — and the entire school system — with Fierce.

This customized communications training will improve learning, develop lifelong skills, and prepare students for 21st-century careers.

The Fierce Classroom in Action

Learning isn’t just about memorizing facts for tests.

In a Fierce classroom, students actively practice:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Critical thinking
  • Social and emotional skills

The Fierce approach deepens trust between students and teachers — leading to a richer, more productive learning environment. Learners engage in authentic conversations about:

  • What’s real and relevant for them
  • What they learn
  • How they learn
  • The implications for their lives

When educational conversations change, learning outcomes improve and students go on to successful academic and professional careers.

What’s Different About A Fierce Classroom?

Abandoning the traditional model of lecturing, the Fierce approach engages a teacher and students in collaborative dialogue. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Old Classroom Fierce Classroom
Broadcasting from the front of the room A back and forth exchange, true engagement from both teacher and student
Know-it-all, expert approach of teaching; imposing own view of reality Inviting collaboration; regard for other perspectives
Little or no relationship and the culture of resentful compliance that goes with it Strong relationship and the culture of passionate engagement that goes with it
Withholding who we really are We reveal who we are; we feel seen and heard
Command and control structure Strong and collaborative structure
Illusion of control Authentic influence and genuine respect
Anesthetized classroom environment; we tune out A ‘live’ classroom environment; we are present, awake

Who Benefits From A Fierce Classroom?

Students gain:

  • Higher academic standings
  • Improved test scores
  • Increased parent satisfaction
  • Solid preparation to navigate future academic and professional careers

“Fierce revolutionized my experience as a college student. My involvement with the Fierce team broadened my education in ways that no other class could. The opportunity to participate in the program opened many doors for me in school and in my professional pursuits while improving the quality of my personal relationships.”

— Ashley Davis, University of Washington alumna

Teachers gain:

  • More collaborative classrooms
  • Higher engagement levels among students and teachers
  • Better learning outcomes
  • Improved classroom management

“Fierce is a game-changer. We started implementing this workshop just last year. At that time, it was strictly added as a curriculum in our established leadership development cohort programs. Then word got out about how fabulous it is. Now we offer this as a course for school-based and central office leaders. As soon as sessions are advertised, they fill up within hours!”

— Jaime Luerssen, Professional Development, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia

Hear from students and faculty at Chicago’s Rodney D. Joslin School about how Fierce in the Schools is transforming their day-to-day lives.

6 Steps To Get Fierce In Your School

We work at the classroom, school, and district levels to prepare the future leaders of our world.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to bringing Fierce to your school system:

Step 1: Engage Supportive Leaders

A committed leader within the organization makes all the difference when transforming and leading a Fierce school and ensuring new behaviors stick.

Step 2: Determine Scope

How far do you want the impact to reach? After you make a commitment for change and determine the scope, your Fierce team can help you discover expected outcomes for leadership, staff, and students.

Step 3: Participate in Training

Selected teachers and staff participate in a Fierce Conversations workshop before implementing the field guide.

At least one committed individual is required to complete the Fierce Training certification. The newly certified trainer is then able to train others, sustain learning, and act as an in-house resource.

Step 4: Create a Fierce Steering Committee

We’ll help you create a small steering committee comprised of Fierce champions (committed teachers and staff), including leaders.

Step 5: Integrate Fierce to Transform Your School

Transform your schools and classroom into Fierce classrooms by fully integrating Fierce principles into students’ core curriculum, advisory or life skills classes.

Step 6: Conduct Evaluations

How will you know if you’re accomplishing goals? How will you report findings? Determine a data point where you want to move the needle. Assess current trends prior to implementation to compare with post-training data. Set a starting point for comparison by assessing tendencies prior to implementation. Your Fierce team will help you create pre- and post-workshop assessments to measure growth.

Ready to take the first step?

Who’s Already Using Fierce In The Schools?

  • Corpus Christi Independent School District
  • Iowa Department of Education
  • Orting School District
  • Peace River School District
  • Perspective Schools
  • Queensland Association of State School Prinicpals
  • Riverdale Joint Unified School District
  • University of British Columbia, Okanagon
  • University of Washington
  • Wallace Foundation / SAM Project
  • Wapato School District
  • Washington State University
  • YMCA of Greater Seattle
  • Gwinnett Public Schools
  • Lake Washington School District
  • Mukilteo School District
  • North East Florida Educaiton Consortium
  • Northern Valley Curriculum Center
  • Calgary Catholic
  • Carleton College
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Mount Marty College
  • Nebraska Educational Service Unit #3
  • Colorado Springs - D11
  • Aurora Public Schools
  • National Schools Innovation Project (NSIP)
  • Arkansas State University
  • Northern Nevada Regional Education Service
  • New Brunswick Teacher’s Association
  • Canadian Association of College & University Student Services
  • Upper Grand School Board
  • Toronto Public Schools
  • University of Chicago
  • Hillsboro School District

Fierce In The Schools Is Flexible

Fierce offers modular training and flexible tools that adapt to your schedule, your curriculum, and your students.

We’ll partner with you to create the perfect rollout and ongoing implementation to evaluate results and ensure learning transfers from teacher to student.