Fierce Confrontation®

Come face to face with the truth.

Learn a straight-up conversation model that shifts attitudes, reduces tension and enriches relationships.

Avoiding a tough conversation? You’re paying a high price. When negative behaviors and attitudes go unaddressed, they tend to become the norm.

Maybe you’re facing these struggles:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Insubordination
  • Unproductive employees

You can’t afford to delay a confrontation for one more day.

The Plan

In the Fierce Confrontation program, master facilitators reveal:

  • How to confront an issue — rather than an individual
  • 5 common confrontation pitfalls to avoid
  • Proven techniques to dig for a full understanding of the issues
  • How to tee up any confrontation in 60 seconds or less
  • Strategies to keep a conversation on track when the other person denies, deflects, or defends
  • How to go ‘shoulder to shoulder’ instead of ‘head to head’
  • Why it’s essential to include emotions to drive the interchange

The Confrontation program is ideal whenever you need to:

  • Address attitudinal, behavioral or performance issues
  • Salvage a project on the brink of failing
  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill
  • Clarify what is at stake if nothing changes
  • Enrich relationships through honest, respectful discussion

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