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Fierce Foundations®

A revolutionary approach
to conversations that matter.

Undo old assumptions, spark new insights and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

Are you bogged down in conversations that go nowhere? Are employees spinning their wheels in meetings that accomplish nothing?

Maybe your company faces these:

  • Confused priorities
  • Stalled execution
  • Limited resources
  • Disengaged employees

Pointless conversations and useless meetings are stalling your success.

You can’t afford another pointless conversation.

The Plan

In the Fierce Foundations program, master facilitators reveal:

  • 3 transformational ideas that will recharge every conversation — at work and at home
  • The 7 core principles of Fierce Conversations and how to apply them immediately
  • The steep costs of avoiding uncomfortable conversations
  • How to identify and enlarge your perceptional "filters"
  • The dangers of mokitas: things that everyone knows, but no one talks about
  • A surprising new definition for “conversation” and how it will shift your outcomes
  • The 6 hallmarks of an authentically Fierce conversation
  • Your most valuable currency (spoiler alert: it’s not money)

You’ll rely on Fierce Foundations whenever you need to:

  • Interrogate reality
  • Provoke learning
  • Tackle tough challenges
  • Enrich relationships
  • Create positive and lasting change across your organization

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