A private, customized
workshop for your team.

Hire our master facilitator to come to you and teach your team how to have conversations that get results.

Pointless conversations are costing you time and money.

Does your organization struggle with:

  • Inaction
  • Rigid thinking
  • Workplace silos

You can’t afford another pointless conversation.

The Plan

In this training, we teach your team how to communicate effectively. A private, on-site workshop dives into the specific needs of your team:

  • A customized experience tailored specifically for your organization - and based on close consultation with the Fierce team
  • Proprietary training programs that will create the greatest impact for your organization
  • From 4 hours to 2 days of training at the location of your choice
  • Contagious content that’s easy to implement company-wide
  • Tackle the real issues that your team faces today

Our master facilitators model and teach you:

  • A proven technique to create psychological safety on your team
  • How to gather diverse input and perspectives to make the best decisions
  • The habits of effective delegators
  • Why you should never begin a difficult conversation with “So, how’s it going?”
  • The difference between feedback and confrontation
  • The 3 coaching styles you should avoid - and the one to adopt
  • And many more skills to turn your team into great conversationalists

Ready to learn how to talk about what really matters?

Schedule a workshop for your team with Fierce today.

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