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Keynote Speaker

Ignite a conversation
that matters.

60 minutes of powerful insights and inspiration for your team.

Jump-start your next conference, retreat, or team-building session with a speaker who will spark a conversation that gets results.

Are your conversations and meetings like a thousand pinballs bouncing along an infinite number of paths, careening off bumpers? Those paths lead to:

  • Confused priorities
  • Competing agendas
  • Lack of innovation
  • Stalled initiatives
  • No clear plan of action

Pointless conversations are the real cause of most of your problems.

The Plan

In just one hour, our founder (or one of our master facilitators) will inspire your company to revolutionize its way of communicating. Our keynote speakers share proven expertise in a range of topics:

  • Collaborative culture
  • Unified communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Radical transparency
  • Organizational change management
  • Achieving results
  • Performance management
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Institutional accountability
  • And many more

Ready to hear from a keynote presenter who will inspire a new way of communicating?

Book a keynote speaker with Fierce today.

“The biggest change I’ve seen has been improved morale. And people have a higher comfort level when giving feedback and communicating in challenging situations."

- Jim Dwyer, Washington Dental Service


It’s not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation. You’ll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

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It's not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation.You'll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

It’s sticky and easy to implement.

First-class facilitators lead all our trainings—whether in-person or online.

Fierce training is completely customizable. Choose from a range of program and delivery options to get the best results for your organization.

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Want to improve relationships and create open, honest conversations at the right times? Discover how Fierce partnered to host a kick-off keynote as part of the training roll-out strategy at Washington Delta Dental.

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Can we incorporate Fierce into our existing training curriculum?
Yes, we make existing training programs better! Fierce is about getting results, building relationships, provoking learning, tackling tough challenges and interrogating reality through the art and craft of conversation. Fierce was developed for global challenges of organizations today. We can stand beside your current programs and probably can replace some of them as well.
What are your rates?
Our rates are very simple, straight forward and competitive. Fill out the form on this page or call (206) 787-1100 to get in touch with a member of our business development team for pricing today.
What is the purpose of the workshops?
The purpose of the workshops is to take a deeper dive into the four conversational models and the seven principles that Susan Scott created while working with CEO think-tank’s for over 13 years. She developed the tools and processes to achieve immediate results.
Who should participate in Fierce training?
Ideally, it would start from the top and work down because anything this important would be more successful with the support of senior leadership. We also have great success working with intact teams and emerging leaders.

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Get an in-depth needs analysis. Then test-drive the training that will solve your most vexing problems.

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A private, customized workshop that teaches your team how to have conversations that get results.

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An exclusive online training to get your employees talking about what matters. Led by a master facilitator.

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