Create the cure
for conversation chaos.

An expansive communication program to navigate large-scale change, from performance management to leadership development.

Embed conversational expertise in your company DNA. When the stakes are high, this customized approach transforms your people into powerhouse communicators.

Pointless conversations are
blowing your budget and wasting your time.

Does your organization deal with these?:

  • Employee disengagement
  • Time and budget constraints
  • Exclusion

You can’t afford another conversation that goes nowhere.

This customized training program equips you with new tools to solve the challenges associated with:

  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • High potential programs
  • Onboarding
  • Retention strategies
  • And many more

The Plan

Working with you to clarify your goals, we’ll customize a program that teaches your team how to have conversations that get the specific results you need.

Your training program will include:

  • Custom content based on an in-depth needs analysis and ongoing consultation with Fierce
  • Material that ties to your key initiatives and large-scale organizational goals
  • A flexible timeframe that works for you: from a few hours with a facilitator, to recurring workshops that unfold over months
  • The option to include virtual trainings in the mix
  • Participatory, hands-on workshops that engage all levels
  • Tailored content drawn from Fierce’s 9 proprietary conversation programs
  • Highly relevant materials you’ll put to instant use

Depending on the content you need most, our expert facilitators will model and teach you:

  • How to take the frustration out of feedback
  • Delegation as a tool for leadership development
  • How to turn a confrontation into a tool to enrich relationships
  • Proven techniques to make better decisions around key initiatives
  • The best question to kick off any coaching conversation--and how to keep it on track
  • And many more proven, actionable strategies to help your team have conversations that matter

Ready to rollout a training program that gets results?

Build a customized training program for your team with Fierce today.

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