Get a guide
on the inside.

A four-day workshop to certify one — or several — of your employees in Fierce Conversations.

Renowned for its rigor and results, this training will embed conversational expertise in your team.

Most business conversations
generate chaos instead of results.

Does your organization face these problems?:

  • Unrealistic goals
  • Turf wars
  • Lack of transparency

Each of these is the result of pointless conversations. And you can’t afford another one.

The Plan

In four days, we can certify one (or several) of your employees to facilitate the Fierce communications programs. This intimate, intense training gives you an inside edge on conversations that get results. Sign up and receive:

  • 4 full days of training
  • 30 hours of hands-on, interactive sessions in select locations across the US
  • Bond with a small cohort of 6 to 10 learners
  • Rigorous coursework that requires advance study and preparation
  • Real-play exercises that address the issues you bring to class
  • Time in front of the class to practice facilitating the Fierce training programs
  • Receive real-time feedback from the instructor and your peers

You’ll dive into our proprietary training programs and learn:

  • How to solicit a full range of input to make the best decisions
  • Delegation as a tool for empowerment
  • 3 confrontation styles to avoid - and one to adopt
  • How to reframe your approach to feedback
  • How to connect your head and your heart in a coaching conversation
  • And many more skills to spark the change you need

Ready to learn how to guide conversations that really matter?

Get certified in Fierce today.

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