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4 Ways to Boost Diversity in the Workplace to #BalanceforBetter

Women want to be heard, cultural roadblocks be damned. We saw this after the November 2018 midterm elections when 117 women — a historic record — were...
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2019 Workplace Predictions: Organizations Eager to Tackle Challenges Brought on by Changing Workforce Landscape

There's no doubt that the makeup of organizations is shifting as baby boomers retire and millennials and Gen Z increasingly take over the majority of ...
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Advice to Young Girls

While thinking about this blog, I turned to the best source for advice to young girls – other young girls who are happy and thriving - so I asked my g...
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The Forgotten Generation: Reflections from a Gen Xer

Uh, hello? Remember us? The ones commonly referred to as “latch key kids”? {ahem} Okay, sure. Even though we like to come off as tough, we may feel fo...
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What It Means To Lead

Fierce CEO, Halley Bock, is currently writing a column for Business 2 Community. We wanted to share with you her most recent article, publis...
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How to Avoid Jumping Straight to Assumption

The issue is not that we make assumptions. The issue is that a lot of times – they are wrong. We often misinterpret one another. We add underlying mea...
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Why Is Accountability An Issue?

Fierce Accountability: A desire to take responsibility for results; a bias towards action. An attitude, a personal, private, non-negotiable choice abo...
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