Pivot From Diversity Training to Leadership Development Coaching | Fierce

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is a powerful initiative, and the right thing to do and many companies still don’t have it right.

Disturbingly, the article states based on their survey of companies:

93% of leaders agreed that the D&I agenda is a top priority, but only 34% believed that it’s a strength in their workplace. In another survey, 80% of HR professionals viewed companies as “going through the motions.”

The one strategy provided “Pivot from diversity training to leadership development coaching” resonates and is the position that we have taken here at Fierce.

For 20 years, we have taught conversation skills that improve day to day interactions and get results. On DE&I, we have taken the approach that the development has to be in the line of work and relevant to what the employee is facing in their employee lifecycle stage. For example, as a new hire, as a new manager, as a senior leader and so on. We have developed microlearning and 3D/VR simulations for each stage that solve for application, scale, and sustainability with the impacts of providing the exact skills necessary when needed.

We know this isn’t easy and we are committed to continuing to innovate our offerings to help support these impactful goals.

Thank you and remember, the conversation is the culture.

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