Hello Everyone,

I want to share with you an HBR article that covers research done by one of my favorite IO Psychologists, Tasha Eurich. I am a huge fan of her work that has mostly centered around the science and importance of self-awareness.

As you will recall, I have quoted in the past here work where 95% of people think they are self-aware, but only 10-15% really are. This article breaks this down further.

First, it defines self-awareness in two broad categories of internal self-awareness which is how we see ourselves and external self-awareness of how others view us.  And this may sound familiar for those with background in Fierce: Many times these are competing perspective… how we view ourselves versus others. You guessed it… both can be a reality.

The article breaks self-awareness into 4 archetypes based on levels of internal vs. external self-awareness. The article has a link to take a self-assessment and Tascha advocates that working on both are important to success.  Specifically, they require distinct skillsets:

  1. Identification of what you are feeling and experiencing and being able to explore with deep introspection.
  2. Being able to ask for and absorb feedback from your external environment.

At Fierce we have been teaching tried and true techniques for giving and asking for feedback to promote a thriving culture of open dialogue and growth.

I am so happy and excited to announce we have recently launched an innovation that uses wearables to categorize your stress events and when merged with calendar and GPS data, help you determine what is biologically impacting you. This exploration and awareness can be done with a live coach or our proprietary AI BOT.

After self-awareness, we want to move you into action and show you how to tackle and solve your most pressing issues. This is what we have been doing for the past 20 years… teaching research backed conversation techniques that help your tackle your toughest challenges, reduce stress, and drive your personal and organizational outcomes.

We call our innovation Pulse by Fierce to further our mission of bettering the world one conversation at a time.

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