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This is Why Career Plans are Bad for Employees

​Organizations must prioritize professional development if they want to retain talent. It's that clear cut and simple. This statement was controversia...
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How to Make Learning Stick & Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Training

If you are a leadership trainer — or a leader committed to your team’s development — you have probably asked yourself this same question at least a fe...
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How to Say What You Really Think in a Toxic Environment

Let’s have some real talk for a moment: Have you ever told someone —your boss, a colleague, customers, or your spouse — what you thought they wanted t...
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Here's Why Different Perspectives Lead to the Best Ideas

You've probably heard it before — seek input, be inclusive, welcome perspectives, collaborate with others. But why? Where does this premise ...
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4 Ways to Boost Diversity in the Workplace to #BalanceforBetter

Women want to be heard, cultural roadblocks be damned. We saw this after the November 2018 midterm elections when 117 women — a historic record — were...
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2018 Year End Message: Embrace Changes You Most Need

It is a rainy day here in Seattle, and I am next to my fireplace with a warm cup of coffee grateful to be sitting in the precious space between a year...
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5 Ways to Embrace Change at Work and in Life

This week’s Friday resource comes from Inc. and offers 5 ways to welcome change when it arises in the workplace and in our personal lives. Avoiding th...
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Leadership Tips: Think Outside the Box

It’s easy to fall into a pattern. It’s only natural to apply your knowledge of a process, that you know works, to similar projects. You might think to...
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Nature vs. Nurture: Are Leaders Born or Developed?

The question of whether leaders are born or developed is a hot button issue. Nature versus nurture? This pesky question manifests in two scenarios. Sc...
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What It Means To Lead

Fierce CEO, Halley Bock, is currently writing a column for Business 2 Community. We wanted to share with you her most recent article, publis...
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