How Does Hybrid Competence Stand Out From Your Existing Soft Skills? | Fierce %


Hello Everyone, I just learned about a newly defined soft skill called “Hybrid Competence”.  This is defined as the skills necessary to be successful in a remote and hybrid environment.

The article describes these skills as the ability to forge strong relationships and flexible thinking as a “source of Power”.

Additional skills called out are ability to multi-task, think flexibly, and navigate networks to be seen as trustworthy.

All these are great and as we have said, remote, hybrid, or in-office shouldn’t matter. Our research shows that the skill-sets necessary for both employees and managers to create and foster a transparent culture that focuses on results is exactly the same.

If your culture is suffering from toxicity, lack of collaboration, silos, high turnover, and missing goals, this is going to be the case regardless of your office policy.

The solve is in your employee’s ability to tackle their toughest challenges with feedback, confrontation when necessary and the ability to get curious; as well as conversations on setting formality for delegation and accountability.

All of this with the objective of enriching the relationships around them. These will help ensure you have a culture focused on results, an inclusive environment that avoids proximity bias and recognition for only those who choose to be in the office, at informal events, and partaking in other in-person influencing activities.

Fierce has been teaching these skills for over 20 years and now more than ever they are needed as we see shifts in how work gets done.

We want to retain the best employees and create the most inclusive environments for all stakeholders and at the end of the day reach our personal and company goals.

Remember – The conversation is the culture.

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