Virtual classroom.
Concrete Results.

A private online workshop - led by a master facilitator - to teach your team how to have conversations that matter.

Whether your workforce is in Mumbai or Memphis, this instructor-led training solves your communication problems.

Pointless conversations between
scattered teams are sabotaging your success.

Does your organization struggle with these?:

  • Organizational silos
  • Lack of accountabiity
  • Limited resources

What your team can’t talk about is costing you millions.

The Plan

We can teach your team how to have a new kind of conversation. This private, virtual workshop is customized to your real needs:

  • 2 hours in an online setting that accommodates your entire team
  • Instructor-led sessions hosted on our glitch-free Adobe platform: a proven, reliable tool that has served thousands of clients
  • A highly interactive format that mirrors a physical classroom with breakout rooms and chat sessions
  • Learners team up to practice new skills in real time, on real issues
  • Content tailored to your organization and built from our proprietary training programs

Depending on the content you need most, our expert facilitators can model and teach you:

  • How to turn your team into a think tank
  • How to go ‘shoulder to shoulder’ instead of ‘head to head’ in a confrontation
  • The must-have skills for giving and receiving feedback
  • How to dive deep in every coaching situation, every time
  • A negotiation style that values long-term relationships over short-term wins
  • And many more skills that will give you the confidence to have new kinds of conversations

Ready to change the way your team communicates?

Schedule a virtual workshop for your team with Fierce today.

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