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Real Conversations,
Real Results

Fierce Training:
Talk About What Matters

Pragmatic workshops that save time, lift revenue, and improve the way
your employees work together.

A private, customized workshop that teaches your team how to have conversations that get results.

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An exclusive online training to get your employees talking about what matters. Led by a master facilitator

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A four-day workshop to certify one — or several — of your employees in Fierce Conversations.

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Facing far-reaching change? Turn your people into expert conversationalists with this expansive approach.

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Customizable kits that propel meaningful action and sustain momentum. For Fierce certified trainers only.

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A customized strategy session for leaders with limited time. Get real results in as little as two hours.

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Jump-start your next conference with 60 minutes of powerful insights and inspiration for your team.

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"There is no question that the Fierce Conversations program was a significant contributor to our success & the key to many good decisions. In an industry as growth-oriented & competitive as ours, we can’t afford not to have conversations like this every day."

- Peter Neill



It's not a lecture series. Fierce training demands hands-on participation. You'll solve real-life problems by working through the scenarios you bring to each session.

It’s sticky and easy to implement. First-class facilitators lead all our trainings—whether in-person or online.

Fierce training is completely customizable. Choose from a range of program and delivery options to get the best results for your organization.

Want to see fierce training in action?

  • Get an in-depth needs analysis to pinpoint your most pressing issues.
  • Take a virtual content walkthrough to see what fierce can do for you.
  • Find the right solution to fit your organization's needs.